Fortran in Visual Studio 2022

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Fortran in Visual Studio 2022

I installed Visual Studio 2022. I then installed Intel OneAPI Base Toolkit followed by the HPC toolkit. Everything seems fine and I am able to create a Fortran project, but I am unable to run any code. When I write a code, the run bottom is greyed out (see attachment). I have read that I need to set up the Runtime library correctly but I don’t think I know how to do that. For example, when I go to Project > Settings and scroll down to IFX Intel or IFortran Intel, I see “libraries” and I can change it but I don’t know what to change it to.

• I am a newbie, so if you provide a solution please be detailed. Thank you.

The problem is solved now. It turns out that it was a compatibility issue between VS 2022 2.0 version and Intel OneAPI. This lastest version of VS is incompatible with Intel OneAPI Fortran. There is a workaround to manually turn on the “Use the legacy native solution and build services”. See details here:


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